Robotik Cell

Robotik Cell

Gordon is not the genius Albert Einstein, but he was able to bridge biology and technology. Gordon is based on the device that holds the electrode 60. Yes, Gordon is a robot that is no longer controlled by humans using remote control or with the computer system. Gordon can avoid an object so that he does not . That progress is achieved by a team from the University of Reading in England

the hope that the experiment with the neuron (brain cell) mice akan empty on this a better understanding about degeratif such as alzheimer disease, Parkinson, stroke, and brain injury. LiveScience reports so about 10 months ago, in August 2008. A progress that was unimaginable.
Fix Up
On september 2005 network sites write robotik ability to establish themselves. Robot-robot creation of a research team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is valid as well as the cells that build the body.
Robotik cell consisting of a “robot green” (G) and “robots Yellow (Y) be such substances float in the gas. Robot G Y and this can build itself into a robot in accordance with the new order that has been diprogramkan, for example: YGGYY or GYYG . If the order erroneously, they also afford the corrections themselves.
The idea of this research mimic how cells work life that is capable of using the DNA mereplika blocks that float randomly in the cell nucleus. In the nucleus that contains the liquid nucleoplasma. Results of this research ago written in the journal Nature.
The use of robots for household needs since 2004 has been predicted to reach twice in 2007. reports from the UN economic commission for Europe and the International Federation Robot (UN Economic Commission for Europe and the International Federation of Robotics-UNECE) on the okyober 2004 on the 2003 number of 607,000 parlormaid automatically be in the household. Two-thirds the amount purchased in 2003. Most, 570,000 robot, is a floor cleaning robot. The mowing robot sold 37,000 units.
Surveys in 2003, Japan is a major consumer robot with 800,000 units followed by European countries (250,000 units), especially diJerman, France, and Italy. North America followed with 112,000 robot, while the American market, South Africa, Asian countries and non-Japanese crawl increases. With the rapid progress every two years in the computer device, the progress it’s not a robot akan stopped. Has now emerged that Honda’s Asimo can step and salute and also Actroid-Der can be a beautiful and smiling. Nah, we must be ready, in the future in a number of houses will always have a smile pramuwisma and sprightly and cleaning. He may be with the brothers Actroid_DER

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